Remote Support

At Ashley Cho Solutions our preferred remote support program is called TeamViewer, which supports all common Operating systems that people use today and works on both simple and advanced network setups with almost no setup time required and is very secure.

Below you will find links to download the TeamViewer Quick Support application which will enable us to remotely connect to your computer and help fix the problems that you are experiencing with your computer.

Just click on either the windows link or the Apple OS X link to download the correct version for your computer and once the download completes just run the application.

Apple OS X

Once the program is running it will display an ID and Password

The ID is unique to your computer and wont change while the password will change every time you run it or by clicking the refresh password icon in the password field.

The only people that can remotely log in to your computer are the ones who have your unique ID and Password only while TeamViewer is running