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Welcome to 2014

Greetings~~~ 2013 was a truly busy year for us at Ashley Cho I.T. Solutions in settling in the market. It was more of realizing who we are, what we are good at and focusing on our strength. We mainly focused on PC and Mac Services based in Taupo and neighbouring Towns. I am very happy to…
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What happens when you load a webpage?

Very informative Youtube video about how you do the web surfing on the internet. We, often, take for granted and expect internet surfing or browsing has to be fast and seamless. This video explains why and how that is happening. Enjoy watching.
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Tongariro Crossing – April 2012

Wonderful day out to a beautiful mountain - Mt Tongariro. As you can see from the video below, New Zealand has such a beautiful scenery which attracks millions of people every year.    
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